Coming Soon: The Aesthetic Education of Dan and Terry

What not to expect...Van Gogh

I’ve been speaking to a good friend of mine – Terry Craven of Shakespeare & Co. bookshop (Paris) – and we’ve decided that we’d like to resurrect the form of the letter exchange for the digital age. Ever since we met in Orléans back in 2005, we’ve been sharing our thoughts on an almost daily basis: on literature, our own writing, politics, theory, music, and so on. But now from time to time we’d like to do so in the public domain (i.e. this blog). It will probably consist of discussions ranging from something as deceptively simple as how an author gets a character out of a house (a discussion we had last week), to the grander realms of the very possibility of a politically radical act in postmodernity (something we mention almost every time we speak). We have no idea how it will turn out or how often we’ll write. All we know for sure is that it will be slightly more formal than our usual e-mail and Skype exchanges but much less formal than the great artistic letter-scribes of days gone by.

Hopefully it will be of interest to writers and readers alike: two young writers in two separate countries helping each other to get some words on the page.

Coming soon…


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