Best of the Bunch

Here are a few posts I’ve enjoyed reading over the last few days:

Ben Myers announces a series of posts on the art of writing

Steve Mitchelmore, a long long time ago, writes a piece on Thomas Bernhard (of whom I knew nothing until reading this) on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Little Star publish a Thomas Bernhard short story – which was so good that I’ve now ordered Bernhard’s The Loser.

Mark McGurl over at n+1 has a great piece on the novel as a zombie form.

Maud Newton is a fellow hypochondriac

Paul Myerscough analyses the situation at Middlesex

Nabokov discusses Lolita

One thought on “Best of the Bunch

  1. steph says:

    Well – that’s priceless!! I wish I could steal it for my facebook page. As a NZ post grad with a scholarship here in the UK, this is my first election here. As far as I see it in the aftermath, more than 64% voters voted against that ‘wanker’ pictured above and now Nick Clegg is flirting and betraying his left wing support. If only they had MMP…

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