New Works by Terry Eagleton and Herbert McCabe

Yes, that’s right: another post on Terry Eagleton!

At the end of his recent Gifford Lecture at the University of Edinburgh, he mentions that he’s just written a new book in which he takes the ten most common arguments against Marxism and contradicts them one by one. I have high hopes for this book, though I doubt whether Eagleton is sufficiently qualified to respond to the detailed economic critiques of socialism.

The second book is actually already out, though I’ve come across no coverage of it. It’s not one of Eagleton’s own, but one to which he’s written a foreword: God and Evil: In the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas by Herbert McCabe. The late McCabe has been a lasting influence on Eagleton (an influence ‘impossible to localize’, he tells us in a foreword to After Theory), and it’s no surprise that this book has been published more or less in tandem with Eagleton’s On Evil. (He’s in Toronto this week at the Historical Materialism conference and will be speaking on the topic of ‘Is Marxism a theodicy?’ One not to miss if you’re around).


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