(Not) On Josipovici

by Daniel Hartley

A character in a Howard Jacobson novel somewhere remarks of Ted Hughes that he ‘couldn’t take one more fucking poem about a pike’. Replace ‘poem’ with ‘blog post/ article/ tweet’ and ‘pike’ with ‘Josipovici’s What Ever Happened to Modernism?’ and you’ll have some idea of my take on the whole issue. What ever happened to that nonchalant, unspoken superciliousness towards McEwan et al.? We all know they’re shit and that ‘modernism’ in its various forms is usually (though not always) more interesting, so why do we have to keep banging on about it?

I haven’t even read the book yet (though after reading parts of his On Trust I can’t say I’m overenthusiastic), but this constant blabbering on is making me lose all desire to do so.